Olde Mill Works is a cottage type business, owned and operated by my wife Pam and I, located in the town of Sisters, in Central Oregon. Pam and I appreciate timeless design, quality material and comfort in furniture. All of our products are currently made from Western Red Cedar, which is both beautiful and long lasting. We also champion promoting small businesses, and what that means to all of our local communities. We live in Central Oregon, an area known for “getting outdoors” and what better way to enjoy being outdoors than in a really solid, comfortable chair. It’s from that view that we joyfully operate Olde Mill Works.

We are not a “high production” operation, rather take the time necessary to identify the materials and process that will make a great chair or table. When we are not in the shop, creating another special piece, you can find us traveling the Pacific Northwest selling our products at Farmers Markets, county Fairs and Festivals. Be sure to look for us at your local event, or contact us for our travel schedule.